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Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions:
Is TruSmart Energy available in my area?
What is a kilowatt-hour (kWh)?
What is a TDSP? What is a TDU?
What is a smart meter?
What electricity plans does TruSmart Energy offer?
Why can't I get TruSmart Free Sundays?SM
Does TruSmart Energy require a minimum credit score to qualify for service?
Can I get back the deposit I have with my current electricity provider?
Do I need an inspection or a permit? Where do I get one if I do?
Do you have same day activation?
Can I get my service activated on Saturday?
Where can I make my payment?
What if I cannot pay my bill all at once?
What if I get disconnected?
Can I switch from a Smart Choice Post-Pay Plan to a Smart Pre-Pay Plan or vice versa?
Who do I call in a power outage?

Smart Pre-Pay:
What is Smart Pre-Pay?
How much is Smart Pre-Pay to get started?
Does Smart Pre-Pay require a credit check or deposit?
How can I be sure I won't be disconnected unexpectedly?

Smart Choice:
During the enrollment process, I am asked to pay a deposit - why do I need to pay a deposit?
I have a Smart Choice Fixed Rate Plan – will my price change during the contract period?
I have a Smart Choice Variable Rate Plan - will my price change and by how much?

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